Shocking Double Murder Unfolds in Bengaluru Park: Man Stabs Woman, Victim’s Mother Reacts in Rage

Bengaluru, India – A shocking double murder unfolded in a Bengaluru park as a man fatally stabbed a woman, leading to her mother defending her daughter by killing the assailant in a fit of rage. The tragic incident occurred in Sarakki Park in JP Nagar on Thursday, April 18. The woman was stabbed to death by the man, prompting her mother to intervene and confront the attacker, ultimately leading to his death. Authorities have commenced an investigation into the matter, including questioning witnesses to piece together the sequence of events.

The perpetrator, identified as 44-year-old Suresh, reportedly had a disagreement with the victim, Anusha, as she sought to distance herself from him due to their strained relationship. Anusha, who worked as a caretaker, sustained fatal injuries and succumbed to them before reaching the hospital. It has been revealed that both individuals were acquainted through their workplace, shedding light on the circumstances that culminated in the tragic incident.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Anusha informed her mother about meeting someone at the park, leading her to shadow her daughter out of concern. Tragically, the mother bore witness to the gruesome murder of her daughter and resorted to defending her by assaulting Suresh with a stone. The swift action resulted in the assailant’s demise at the scene. The police are diligently investigating the case, evaluating the accounts of eyewitnesses to determine the exact chain of events leading to the dual homicides.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Lokesh Bharamappa Jagalasar disclosed that the fatal altercation transpired around 4:45 pm at Sarakki Park in Jayanagar. Two separate cases have been registered in connection with the incident as authorities delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding the tragic deaths. The mother of the deceased victim is undergoing questioning to aid in the ongoing investigation efforts.

As the community grapples with the unsettling turn of events, the Bengaluru Double Murder serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of human interactions and the devastating consequences that can arise from conflict. The authorities remain committed to uncovering the truth behind the harrowing incident as they seek justice for the victims and their grieving loved ones.