Russian politician Vladimir Egorov found dead after fall from third-floor window amid mysterious deaths in Kremlin inner circle

TOBOLSK, WESTERN SIBERIA – Vladimir Egorov, a prominent Russian politician and ally of President Vladimir Putin, has been found dead after a suspected fall from a third-floor window. The 46-year-old Egorov, a member of the ruling party United Russia, was a wealthy figure in the oil-rich region of Tobolsk.

Egorov’s body was discovered in the yard of his house, and reports indicate that there were no visible signs of a criminal death. While some sources suggest that heart problems may have been a factor, his death comes amidst increasing speculation surrounding the mysterious circumstances of deaths within the Kremlin’s inner circle.

The deceased politician’s supposed heart problems raise questions about the nature of his fall, prompting authorities to launch an investigation into the cause of his death. Egorov, a trained lawyer with significant business interests, was previously embroiled in a corruption scandal and was forced to leave the city administration in 2016. However, he ultimately was not convicted and returned to politics, becoming the wealthiest local deputy in Tobolsk.

Egorov is survived by his wife and two children, and his death comes in the wake of other suspicious deaths within the Kremlin’s inner circle. The circumstances surrounding these deaths continue to fuel speculation and raise concerns about potential foul play. As investigations into Egorov’s death unfold, authorities work to establish the true cause of the politician’s untimely passing.