Ron DeSantis Takes Aim at Biden’s Energy Policies, Vows to Boost American Fossil Fuel Production and End the Border Crisis

Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican from Florida and a presidential contender, has voiced his support for the Keystone XL pipeline and similar projects related to fossil fuel infrastructure. He believes these initiatives are essential for the country’s economy and national security. Speaking at a campaign event in Texas, DeSantis emphasized the importance of expanding the U.S. fossil fuel pipeline network, criticizing the regulatory environment that hampers energy production and infrastructure development.

He argued that the Biden administration’s energy policies and desired outcomes are unreasonable, accusing them of hindering domestic production. DeSantis pledged to open up all oil and gas resources in the United States for development, emphasizing the significance of these industries. He also criticized the lengthy permitting process for pipelines and fossil fuel infrastructure, calling for the reduction of bureaucratic red tape to facilitate job creation and lower energy prices.

In contrast, the Biden administration has prioritized reducing American fossil fuel production as part of its green energy and climate spending agenda, aiming for a net-zero carbon emissions future by 2050.

The Republican presidential candidate has also revealed a detailed strategy to tackle illegal immigration and drug trafficking. As a Republican primary candidate for election in 2024, DeSantis is hoping to distinguish himself from former President Donald Trump. To achieve this, DeSantis is prioritizing a major issue that was central to Trump’s presidency. DeSantis has stated that he intends to implement Trump’s policies more effectively, even if it results in legal challenges.

As far as the border issue is concerned, DeSantis disagrees with Biden’s approach, as illegal border crossings have increased since he took office. DeSantis promised to implement stronger measures to ensure border security to distinguish himself from Trump.

DeSantis pointed out the lack of success by previous leaders of both political parties in fulfilling their promises on border security. He stated that it was crucial to take definitive action and permanently end the invasion. If elected president, he has promised to declare a national emergency immediately and prioritize the construction of a wall, prevention of illegal entry, and defeat of drug cartels. DeSantis stressed the need for tangible results rather than empty rhetoric.

Governor DeSantis has presented his “No Excuses” plan, which is based on four main principles: stopping illegal immigration, building a wall, punishing cartels, and working with states to uphold the law.

The “No Excuses” plan includes multiple changes, such as stopping Biden’s parole program. This program has been associated with a decrease in interactions with illegal immigrants at the border since Title 42 was repealed. Governor DeSantis intends to end the catch-and-release strategy implemented by the Biden administration and bring back Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.