Robert Kennedy As A Third-Party Candidate Could Shake Up The 2024 Election

Former GOP gubernatorial contender Kari Lake believes that the potential entry of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a third-party candidate could complicate the electoral landscape for the 2024 presidential race. This sentiment arises from Kennedy’s recent hints at exploring options beyond just seeking a Democratic nomination.

Lake, while speaking on “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show,” mentioned that Kennedy’s potential third-party run could disrupt the usual two-party dynamics. She argued that with three major contenders, it becomes challenging for any party to predict voter behavior, especially if traditional Democratic voters opt for an independent candidate like Kennedy.

Kennedy, in a recent interview with Forbes, expressed his dissatisfaction with the Democratic National Committee (DNC). He criticized the DNC for seemingly discouraging a primary and making it difficult for democracy to function effectively. He cited examples of the DNC’s rules that could potentially sideline his campaign in states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and Georgia.

Furthermore, Kennedy highlighted the DNC’s consideration of making him and other Democratic candidates, such as Marianne Williamson, bear the costs of primaries. This is based on the DNC’s stance that there’s no need for a primary since President Biden is already their candidate.

Polling data from FiveThirtyEight indicates that Kennedy is a significant figure within the Democratic party. As of September 8, President Biden led the Democratic primaries with 65.8% support, while Kennedy followed with 12.3%. Another poll, commissioned by American Values 2024, showed Kennedy garnering 41% support in New Hampshire against Biden’s 49% in a direct contest.

The potential of Kennedy running as a third-party candidate poses challenges for the Democrats. He could siphon off votes from Biden in crucial races, possibly benefiting former President Donald Trump. Moreover, if no candidate manages to secure the required 270 electoral votes, the House’s state delegations would determine the presidential winner, a situation that might favor the Republicans due to their majority.

Apart from Kennedy, another entity that could disrupt the 2024 race is the organization “No Labels .”They aim to field a candidate and have already secured ballot access in 10 states. A survey by No Labels revealed that 63% of registered voters in eight battleground states are receptive to a moderate independent candidate. However, some Democratic-aligned groups are pushing back against No Labels, with the Arizona Democrat Party even filing a lawsuit to prevent them from appearing on the state’s ballots.

In summary, the 2024 presidential race might see unconventional dynamics, with entities like Kennedy and No Labels potentially altering the traditional two-party contest. Furthermore, Kennedy is well known to most citizens; his family has played a prominent role in politics since the mid-1900s. As a third-party candidate, he could be seen as a better choice for Republicans who don’t support Trump and dislike Biden. He would also be a better choice for Democrats who are tired of Biden.