Police Identify and Euthanize Dogs Involved in Violent Attack on 11-Year-Old

Clinton, South Carolina – The Clinton Police Department revealed on Saturday that the dogs responsible for the vicious attack on an 11-year-old boy have been identified and subsequently euthanized.

The department also stated that they are actively searching for the owners of the dogs and urged the community to come forward with any information. “We are committed to addressing and resolving animal control issues within our city to ensure the safety and well-being of our community members,” said the CPD in a press release.

Authorities were called to Livingston Street in Clinton on Wednesday morning after a neighbor discovered a pack of four dogs attacking a young boy at his bus stop. The neighbor intervened and was able to fend off the dogs, but the boy sustained serious injuries and was subsequently airlifted to Greenville Memorial Hospital.

Commander Crystal Roberts from the Clinton Police Department stated, “The mother arrived on the scene before the child was taken away, but he has some very serious injuries.” The boy underwent surgery for extensive injuries and is expected to undergo physical and occupational therapy, particularly for injuries to his left leg.

The family expressed gratitude towards the neighbor and first responders, including the fire, police, and EMS teams. Clinton Police Chief Sonny Ledda visited the family, stating that the young man is facing a long road to recovery.

Overall, this tragic incident spotlights the importance of addressing animal control issues and ensuring the safety of community members. The CPD continues to seek out the owners of the dogs and encourages anyone with information to come forward.