Paragould Factory Evacuated After Boiler Explosion, Workers Told to Stay Home

PARAGOULD, Ark. – Employees at a Paragould factory are facing a day off from work due to a sudden maintenance issue. The incident involved a boiler explosion at the main plant of DriV Inc./Tenneco, as reported by K8 News. Captain Jason Elms of the Paragould Police Department confirmed that the explosion caused the evacuation of employees due to smoke in the building. Calls to the Paragould Fire Department went unanswered as the situation unfolded.

The company informed its employees that all manufacturing operations would be canceled for the night, leaving many workers to wonder about the extent of the damage caused by the boiler explosion. The lack of confirmation from the plant employee and the redirection of all calls to the corporate headquarters in Michigan has caused confusion and concern among the employees.

As the situation unfolds, K8 News is committed to tracking the story and providing updates on any developments. The aftermath of the boiler explosion and its impact on the company’s operations in Paragould will be closely monitored.

The incident at the Paragould factory has left employees without work as a result of a sudden maintenance issue involving a boiler explosion at the main plant of DriV Inc./Tenneco. The situation continues to be monitored for further developments.