Pakistani Government Organizes Flights to Bring Home Students Attacked in Kyrgyzstan

In Lahore, Pakistan, the government has swiftly responded to a violent mob attack on foreign students in Kyrgyzstan by organizing multiple special flights to bring affected students back home. This evacuation follows a distressing incident that endangered many students, prompting urgent measures to ensure their safety.

After the attacks, the Pakistani government immediately arranged for four daily flights to facilitate the safe return of students. Information Minister Attaullah Tarar welcomed returning students at Lahore airport, emphasizing the government’s commitment to their well-being. Tarar stated, “The government has allowed four flights daily to enable students to return home on time.”

The evacuation efforts intensified with the arrival of 170 students on Monday, bringing the total number of evacuated students to 540. Tarar acknowledged the severity of the situation and assured maximum facilitation for the students to continue their education and complete their degrees.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar announced the arrangement of three commercial flights to repatriate the remaining students. Dar shared, “Today, three commercial flights have been arranged for 540 more students.” The Pakistan Air Force also operated a special flight to bring back approximately 130 students, with constant communication to keep students informed about available flights.

The violent clashes in Bishkek stemmed from a brawl between Kyrgyz and Egyptian students, sparking mob attacks on hostels and private lodgings of international students. Five Pakistani students were injured in the unrest, prompting increased security measures and police presence to protect the students. Kyrgyz police managed to control the situation through negotiations with the rioters.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif instructed officials to ensure the safe return of injured students and their families, closely monitored by Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar and other ministers. Despite a canceled visit to Kyrgyzstan, Dar received assurances from Kyrgyz officials that the situation was under control and being closely monitored.

The Kyrgyz government took swift action by arresting individuals involved in the attacks and enhancing security at student hostels. Dar reiterated the government’s commitment to protecting Pakistani nationals and criticized the spread of misinformation by a political party causing unnecessary panic among parents.

The Pakistani government continues to collaborate with Kyrgyz authorities to ensure the safety and security of its nationals. The embassy remains in close contact with the students, providing assistance and facilitating their return. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif remains steadfast in his commitment to the welfare of Pakistani citizens abroad, monitoring the situation to prevent further incidents from occurring.