Nashville Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Wife with Hammer and Burying Her in 6-Foot Grave

Nashville, Tennessee – A 70-year-old man from Nashville, Tennessee, has been arrested and charged with the murder of his wife after allegedly attacking her with a hammer on New Year’s Day and burying her body in a 6-foot grave on their property in Smithville, according to reports from local authorities.

Joseph Glynn, the seventy-year-old suspect, has been charged with criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse, and evidence tampering. He is currently being held on a $1,030,000 bond at the Davidson County Jail following his arrest.

Authorities have reported that Glynn confessed to striking his 76-year-old wife, Jackie, in the head with a hammer at their home before driving her body to their property in Smithville to bury her. It was revealed that Glynn had prepared a 6-foot-deep hole on the property two weeks prior to the murder, which he had told a contractor was for a burn pit.

Jackie’s children were led to believe by Glynn that their mother had left their home due to a terminal illness, but suspicions arose when they discovered that this information was false after contacting their mother’s doctor.

A silver alert was issued for Jackie Glynn when she was reported missing, but on January 6, her body was found buried deep inside the hole on their property. It was discovered that her body was placed in a plastic vehicle cargo box, hidden underneath roofing shingles and dirt.

Glynn also admitted to disposing of the murder weapon and selling his wife’s belongings after her death. Investigators are now collaborating with Jackie Glynn’s children to gather more information about her murder. The case is ongoing, and further details surrounding the incident may emerge as the investigation continues.