Mother’s Text to Husband Raises Suspicions a Day Before Son’s Death

A woman in Chula Vista, California is facing accusations of killing her son and then messaging her husband the day before she was apprehended. The woman, identified as Brenda Cervantes, allegedly sent a text to her husband in which she admitted to the killing. The boy, identified as her 2-year-old son, was found unresponsive by authorities in their home. Cervantes was taken into custody and is being held without bail on suspicion of murder. The incident has left friends and neighbors shocked and saddened.

Cervantes’ husband, who reported receiving the disturbing text message, immediately contacted the authorities. Investigators have not disclosed the contents of the text message, but it is believed to have played a crucial role in the case. The motive behind the alleged killing is unknown, and further details about the investigation have not been released. The incident has left the community in shock as they grapple with the tragic loss of the young boy.

Cervantes is scheduled to appear in court, and it is unclear if she has retained legal representation. The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office is handling the case, but they have not provided additional details. The events leading up to the boy’s death and Cervantes’ actions remain under investigation.

The woman accused of killing her 2-year-old son in Chula Vista, California, allegedly sent a text message to her husband admitting to the killing before being apprehended by authorities. Brenda Cervantes is in custody on suspicion of murder and is scheduled to appear in court. The community is left in shock as they await more details about the tragic incident.