Merrick Garland Accused of Allegedly Protecting Biden.

When U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland swiftly appointed former U.S. Attorney Robert Hur as the special counsel to investigate the astonishing discovery of classified documents found at President Joe Biden’s Delaware home and his office in Penn Biden Center, many were pleasantly surprised.

Former Kansas Attorney General Phil Klein advises Americans not to rejoice too quickly: the little discretion Garland granted Hur is proof that he continues to protect the Biden family.

Klein told a reporter on Saturday that the issue is not the appointment of a special counsel but rather their investigative authority. According to the appointment letter, the special counsel’s authority in relation to President Biden is quite limited; they are only permitted to examine records.

According to Klein, the focus should be placed on what Attorney General Garland knew when he made this judgment. Garland is aware that the records were discovered at the Penn Biden Center and that the University of Pennsylvania got $47 million when the Penn Biden Center was situated at the University of Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania pushed this funding to Biden, and ten cabinet officials, including Mr. Biden, got a salary at the Penn Biden Center.

According to Klein, all roads appear to lead back to Ukraine and China, as well as the possible criminal deals by Hunter Biden on behalf of Joe Biden in his duration as Vice President – a position that gave him no authority to declassify anything.

As always, it is vital to follow the money when investigating the document’s scandal.

Klein further noted that Hunter is a member of the Burisma board; the records pertain to Ukraine, which would interest individuals concerned about Hunter Biden’s business relationships and those who pay his salary. There is evidence of intent as to why the documents should be included, and that evidence pertains to the flow of money.

Klein revealed that Attorney General Garland was aware that he had received a letter from the University of Pennsylvania requesting the termination of the Department of Justice’s China Initiative, which investigates Chinese economic espionage.

According to the Department of Justice’s website, the National Security Division fights nation-state threats to the United States and is in charge of The China Initiative.

It reinforces the President’s overarching national security plan and represents the strategic goal of confronting Chinese national security challenges.

Klein claimed that it must be understood that fifty percent of the most wanted list on the F.B.I.’s fugitive list was tied to Chinese espionage and that the list was terminated at the University of Pennsylvania’s request.

It’s a conflict of interest, but he assigned the special prosecutor a specific target, but President Trump’s special prosecutor can investigate everything.

This hypothesis touched a nerve with the reporter, who told Klein that he believes Americans are being scammed.

In the meantime, Biden continues his efforts to vilify his political opponents, appearing, at least to actor and prominent conservative Randy Quaid, more and more like a mafia boss.

Quaid posted a clip of a grimacing President Biden referring to individuals who dispute the legitimacy of his administration as sick, internet-based insurrectionists. ‘The true Whitey Bulger,’ quipped Quaid.