Mass Media Ignores San Diego’s Desperate Cry for Help.

When a Republican governor sends a busload of illegal immigrants into a blue city or state, the national media goes into an uproar, with accusations of immorality and exploitation dominating the news cycle. However, when the federal government is doing the transporting, the media remains silent.

For future historians, the Trump era will be remembered for two significant events: the exposure of the media’s blatant corruption and the orientation of the U.S. intelligence apparatus’s political compromise.

More than 5 million illegal immigrants crossed the southern border in less than two years under President Biden, so he needs all the cover he can get from journalists who believe it is their moral duty to do everything they can to destroy Trump.

And while the media was all up in arms about Texas Governor Greg Abbott delivering a busload of illegal immigrants (or “asylum seekers”) to VP Kamala Harris’ home at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, on Christmas Eve, nobody said a word about the federal government doing the same thing in California.

Supervisor Jim Desmond of San Diego’s Fifth District took to Twitter on Christmas Eve to criticize the federal government for delivering 646 migrants over the previous three days. This time period included Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Desmond added that the Federal Government doesn’t seem to care that our shelters are overcrowded to the point of collapse.

It is no secret to the Biden administration that thousands of migrants are waiting on the Mexican side of the border for the end of Title 42, the restriction put in place during the pandemic. Border Patrol will be in a better position to deal with the anticipated influx if efforts are made now to clear out backlogs of migrants along the border.

During an interview with the media, CBP spokeswoman Gerrelaine Alcordo said that the agency coordinates the release of noncitizens to NGOs and other sites in border communities that provide social services.

Alcordo continued by saying that the CBP works hard to guarantee the safety of all release procedures and that all noncitizens freed from detention facilities have access to the resources they need and can get to their final destinations.

Border Patrol agents are now claiming that they are completely overwhelmed and the border is out of control after the CBP released a report over the holidays detailing a staggering number of encounters with illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. in November.

Only in November did Border Patrol agents encounter 233,740 illegal immigrants, and Title 42 has yet to expire. There are millions of people crossing and waiting to cross the border.