Man Jailed for Brutally Attacking Partner for 15 Minutes, “No Stranger to Violence” in Domestic Relationships, Court Hears

Invercargill, New Zealand – A man with a history of violence in domestic relationships was sentenced to more than three years in prison after a horrifying attack on his partner. Daniel Ross Murch, 30, pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including injuring with intent to injure, threatening to kill, assault, and driving offenses.

The vicious assault took place on January 8, 2021, at a Dacre address, where Murch accused his partner of infidelity before launching into a violent rampage. He physically assaulted her, threatened to kill her, and even damaged her car with a weapon. The victim was left petrified and trapped in the residence for hours before managing to escape and seek help from a neighbor.

During the sentencing, Judge Duncan Harvey described the attack as “extremely violent” and stated that it was only by luck that it did not result in serious injury. The court also heard that Murch was already subject to a protection order in relation to another victim and had not completed the mandatory Stopping Violence program, assessing him as a medium risk for reoffending.

In response to this disturbing case, Judge Harvey sentenced Murch to three years and one month of imprisonment and issued a protection order in favor of the victim. This serves as a reminder of the pervasive issue of domestic violence and the importance of holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.

The harrowing experience of the victim also sheds light on the fear and trauma endured by those trapped in abusive relationships, emphasizing the need for stronger support and protections for survivors of domestic violence. The sentencing serves as a step towards justice for the victim and a warning to others who may perpetrate such violence in the future.