Major Retailers Voluntarily Halt Sale of Children’s Water Beads Due to Safety Concerns

WASHINTON D.C. – Three major retailers, Amazon, Target, and Walmart, have chosen to stop the sale of water beads that were marketed towards children after growing concerns from government officials, lawmakers, and health professionals. Water beads are small, highly absorbent polymer balls that can grow up to 100 times their original size when exposed to liquid. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued warnings about the potential health risks associated with these beads, as they can expand in the stomach or intestines, posing a risk of blockage.

The risks associated with these beads include serious discomfort, dehydration, vomiting, intestinal blockages, and even life-threatening injuries. The CPSC also noted that they can be difficult to detect on X-rays. The dangerous nature of these beads has come to light after several reported incidents, including the tragic death of a 10-month-old girl in Wisconsin who ingested the beads without her parents realizing. These beads were marketed as children’s toys by retailers, drawing scrutiny from lawmakers and the CPSC.

In response to the concerns, Amazon, Target, and Walmart have voluntarily ceased the sale of water beads for children. Legislation has also been introduced by Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. of New Jersey to enact a national ban on such beads marketed to kids. The retailers have all emphasized the importance of customer safety and have taken steps to remove the products from their stores and online platforms.

Furthermore, the CPSC has been urging parents and caregivers to remove these products from the proximity of small children. Most recently, Buffalo Games issued a recall of “Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kits” exclusively sold at Target, following the tragic death of the 10-month-old girl in Wisconsin. The continuing concern about the danger posed by these water beads has prompted these voluntary actions by major retailers to ensure the safety of children.

In conclusion, the voluntary halt in the sale of water beads marketed for children by Amazon, Target, and Walmart comes amidst growing concerns about the risks associated with these highly absorbent polymer balls. Safety measures and a national ban are being considered to prevent further incidents of ingestion and potential harm to children.