Liz Cheney Claims That Russia Is Undoubtedly Committing ‘Decimation’ in Ukraine

Delegate Liz Cheney (R-WY) expressed on CNN’s “Condition of the Union” that Russia is without a doubt carrying out “decimation” in Ukraine.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “How about we go to that awful rocket strike on the Ukrainian train station. More than 50 individuals, including five kids, were killed. They were attempting to escape, trying to escape the conflict and come here to Lviv, where I am.

They were attempting to get away, and they were designated and killed. What was your response when you saw the new pictures? Is it true or not that they are atrocities? Do you think about this all slaughter?”

Cheney said, “I think this is destruction. You posed precisely perfect inquiries. I imagine that Europe needs to comprehend and wrestle with how you have a dangerous mission, the principal sort of horrendous hazardous mission that we have seen in many years.

I imagine Europeans need to comprehend that they’re subsidizing that dangerous mission. I figured out the financial outcomes to nations in western Europe if they somehow managed to force a sort of oil and gas ban that the U.S. has forced against Russian oil and gas, yet they need to make it happen.

We want to give our best to increment our homegrown creations to ensure we can supply them with as much as expected.

They need to comprehend that every day they’re proceeding to import Russian oil and gas, they’re subsidizing Putin’s destruction in Ukraine.”