Las Vegas Attorney Involved in Tragic Office Shooting Also Reprimanded by State Bar

Las Vegas, Nevada – An attorney in Las Vegas faced tragic consequences after a custody deposition turned deadly when he shot and killed his ex-daughter-in-law and her husband, who was also an attorney. The attorney, Joe Houston II, had been publicly reprimanded for violating the State Bar of Nevada’s rules of professional conduct, according to documents.

The incident took place at the law firm of the victims on Charleston Boulevard near the Red Rock casino. Houston, who had been representing his son in a custody dispute with his ex-daughter-in-law, took the lives of the couple before taking his own life in the fifth-floor office.

Houston had been a member of the Nevada bar since 1974. In a previous case in 2021, a man hired Houston for a divorce case, paying a retainer fee and an hourly rate. However, after the man and his spouse decided to stay together, Houston refused to provide a refund, leading to a reprimand from the bar and a fine.

In a separate incident in 2006, Houston was sanctioned by a judge for “disrespect” during a divorce hearing, with the judge ordering his marshal to handcuff him. The judge imposed a $500 sanction on Houston for his behavior.

Following the tragic events, a spokesperson for the Houston family expressed shock and sadness, asking for prayers and privacy during this difficult time. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is still investigating the incident.

Friends confirmed that the victims had recently welcomed a child together and each had children from previous marriages. The families are grappling with grief and trauma as authorities continue their investigation into this heartbreaking event.