Kamala Harris is Living in an Ungodly Glass Bubble

Kamala Harris just doesn’t get it. According to the Vice President, everything wrong with the border crisis is either Donald Trump’s fault or a Republican’s fault. 

In Harris’s view, the previous administration decimated a system designed to address immigration, and the Biden administration has spent time and resources “reconstructing that system.”   She is not the only Democrat making this claim. In an interview Tuesday, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., said Trump and Republicans were responsible for dismantling the previous immigration system and reducing citizenship opportunities.

Somebody needs to educate Ms. Harris and Ms. Jayapal that the border crisis was a huge problem during the Obama administration. It was such a hot topic that when former president Donald Trump ran for office, it was a significant point in every speech he gave. It does not take a lot to recall his claims that he would build a wall on the border of the U.S. and Mexico and get the Mexicans to pay for it.   He wouldn’t have made those promises if the Obama administration had kept its promise and fixed the border crisis.

Further, Harris said she has been working to address the root causes of mass migration so that more people will “take care of themselves in their home countries.”

Ironically, Obama’s plan to fix it included aiding nations that had fleeing immigrants. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. Most countries that people are fleeing from have corrupt governments, including Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, etc.  Money given to these countries hardly ever filters down to the masses.

Democrats quickly point out that immigration is needed and that this country was built on immigrants. They fail to realize that the sheer number of immigrants crossing the border overruns the system. They watch from the comfort of a state that does not have a border crisis and believes they know what is best. Governors Greg Abbott (R- Texas), Doug Ducey (R- Arizona), and Ron DeSantis (R- Florida) are trying to rectify that by bringing the problem to them.

“They’re playing games,” Harris said, and that these are political stunts involving real people fleeing harm.

 It’s not a game; it is about the numbers, the drugs and criminals, and the human trafficking. It is about protecting the people living in the cities that are being overwhelmed. Martha’s Vineyard received 50 immigrants, not even a fraction of the number of migrants crossing the border, and they could not handle a mere 50 migrants. New York, on the hand, has received over 8,000 migrants over five months, and they have already declared an emergency. Texas gets about 8,000 migrants a day.

According to the U.S. custom and Broder Protection Encounter, the number of immigrants from the Mexico border from January to August 2022 (FYTD)  is currently at 2,150639 (this represents the number of migrants taken into custody only and does not represent the total number of people who crossed illegally).   Last year the total was 1,34686. By the end of this year, the total number of illegal crossings will have doubled.

Harris and the rest of her party can point fingers at the Republicans, but the numbers tell the truth, and Donald Trump’s “decimated system” worked. In 2020, when Trump was in the White House, the total number of immigrants from the Mexico border was only 450,088.