Inside the DeSantis War Room: Leaks Show Plans to Crush Ramaswamy and Stand with Trump

In a recent revelation, a strategy memo associated with the pro-Ron DeSantis Never Back Down Super PAC has shed light on potential tactics for the upcoming Republican presidential debate. This document provides a glimpse into Governor DeSantis’s strategic approach and the figures he views as potential challenges.

The memo, momentarily visible on Axiom Strategies’ website, a company established by Jeff Roe, the chief strategist for Never Back Down, offers guidance to the Florida governor and 2024 presidential hopeful. Notably, it suggests a strong response towards Vivek Ramaswamy, a prominent biotech entrepreneur. The document emphasizes the need to capture media attention during the debate scheduled in Milwaukee on August 23, suggesting a robust approach towards Ramaswamy with phrases like “Expose Vivek’s Inauthenticity.”

Not one to back down, Ramaswamy promptly addressed the issue on X (previously known as Twitter), criticizing the Super PAC and its seemingly rehearsed attack lines. Tricia McLaughlin, a senior adviser to the Ramaswamy campaign, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing Ramaswamy’s primary goal: introducing his vision to the American populace.

The DeSantis campaign, on the other hand, chose to remain silent on the matter.

Both Ramaswamy and DeSantis are vying for the “America First 2.0” mantle, with DeSantis aiming to position himself as the natural successor to former President Donald Trump. The memo includes a segment titled “Carrying the torch,” suggesting a speech that highlights DeSantis’s alignment with Trump’s values while emphasizing the need for a leader who fights for the people.

The strategy document also offers DeSantis advice on handling potential criticisms from Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor known for his candid critiques of Trump. It recommends that DeSantis defend Trump, especially if Christie launches an attack, and emphasizes the importance of highlighting Biden and media criticisms.

Christie has been vocal about his concerns regarding Trump’s actions, especially the 2020 election. He has expressed his dismay at the unprecedented nature of a presidential candidate challenging the election process in the manner Trump did.

The Axiom Strategies memo provides DeSantis with potential responses to Christie’s critiques, suggesting that the focus should remain on the present candidates rather than on Trump, who isn’t part of the current race. The proposed response hints that candidates should avoid aligning with those seeking media attention for personal gain.

Neither the Trump nor the Christie campaigns have issued a statement regarding the leaked memo.

This recent revelation underscores the strategic planning and considerations that go into political debates, highlighting the significance of each candidate’s approach and the challenges they anticipate.