Ian Ziering Ensnared in Brawl with Bikers on New Year’s Eve

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Ian Ziering, known for his role in Beverly Hills, 90210, found himself in a confrontation with a group of bikers on New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles. TMZ obtained a video showing Ziering driving down Hollywood Boulevard when he was surrounded by a group of riders on mini motorbikes, prompting him to exit his car and strike one of the riders. This led to a physical altercation between the actor and several of the bikers, forcing Ziering to escape onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The incident resulted in an official police report listing Ziering as the victim.

Ziering took to Instagram to share his side of the story, expressing concern about the boldness of such disruptive groups and the need for effective law enforcement responses. He also emphasized the importance of personal and community safety, especially considering that his 10-year-old daughter, Penna, was in the car with him during the altercation. Ziering’s ex-wife, Erin Ludwig, also addressed the incident on social media, correcting misinformation and emphasizing the need for privacy and respect for the individuals involved.

The actor’s Instagram post highlighted the larger issue of hooliganism on the streets and called for city officials and law enforcement to take decisive action against such lawlessness. Ziering concluded his post by expressing gratitude for the support of his family, friends, and fans, emphasizing the importance of unity in the community. The incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers posed by such confrontations in public spaces, leading to a broader discussion about the need for effective measures to ensure public safety and prevent future occurrences.