Hollywood Actor Jonathan Majors Found Guilty of Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

NEW YORK, NY – A Manhattan jury delivered a guilty verdict on Monday against esteemed actor Jonathan Majors, 34, for assaulting his former girlfriend. The verdict came after a two-week trial and has left Majors facing a misdemeanor assault charge and a harassment violation. He was, however, acquitted of an additional assault charge and aggravated harassment.

Majors, who maintained a stoic demeanor as the verdict was read, could potentially face up to a year in prison for the assault conviction. His sentencing is scheduled for February 6. The charges were the result of a heated altercation between Majors and his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, which began in the backseat of a chauffeured car and escalated onto the streets of Manhattan in March of the previous year.

Jabbari, a 30-year-old British dancer, accused Majors of initiating an attack inside the car that left her in severe pain. She alleged that he hit her on the head with his open hand, twisted her arm behind her back, and squeezed her middle finger until it fractured. Majors’ defense team countered these accusations, claiming that Jabbari was the actual instigator and that she had fabricated the story to tarnish the actor’s reputation.

The verdict has dealt a significant blow to Majors, whose career was promising until his March arrest sent it spiraling downward. Majors, poised to play a vital role in the Marvel universe as the supervillain Kang the Conqueror, now faces an uncertain future with the franchise. His critically acclaimed drama, “Magazine Dreams,” was pulled from its scheduled release earlier this month, adding to his professional woes.

The trial also shed new evidence regarding Majors’ tumultuous relationship with Jabbari, whom he met on the set of “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” two years prior. The prosecution presented text messages that showed Majors pleading with Jabbari not to seek hospital treatment for a previous head injury, warning her that it could lead to an investigation.

During her four days of testimony, Jabbari described Majors as overly controlling and prone to explosive fits of rage. The prosecution showed the jury security footage from the aftermath of the backseat confrontation, which they claimed demonstrated Majors maltreating Jabbari.

The defense, however, painted a different picture. They argued that Jabbari was on a revenge mission, partying and charging champagne to Majors’ credit card after the incident. They also highlighted that the following day, Majors found Jabbari unconscious in their Manhattan penthouse and called the police, leading to his arrest at the scene.

The trial has significantly impacted Majors’ career and personal life. Once a rising star in Hollywood, he now faces a future filled with uncertainty and legal repercussions.