Hero Dad Who Tackled Gunman at Chiefs Parade Shooting Speaks Out: “I Heard ‘Get Him'”

A heroic act took place at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade, where a man tackled a suspected gunman to prevent further harm. The heroic dad, Trey Filter, was captured on video as he courageously intervened in the dangerous situation after at least one person was killed and 22 were wounded in the mass shooting. The incident took place in Kansas City, Missouri.

The video of the incident shows Filter taking quick action and tackling the suspected gunman as chaos ensued in the aftermath of the parade. The gunman was seen running through crowds, prompting Filter to act decisively to prevent any further harm.

The courageous act of Filter has been widely recognized and praised, with many commending his bravery and quick thinking. In the face of a dangerous and chaotic situation, Filter acted selflessly to protect those around him.

The swift and brave response from Filter has sparked discussions about heroism and the importance of being prepared to act in the face of danger.