General Kellogg says Biden must speak with Obrador of Mexico to end the border crisis.

The increasing number of migrants entering the United States and President Joe Biden’s handling of the situation has made the country vulnerable to a severe national security danger.

Former national security advisor to Vice President Mike Pence, retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, stated on Sunday that the Mexican government must be involved in finding a solution.

According to Kellogg, Biden should contact Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, and tell him that the entire country serves as a route for asylum seekers, which needs to end immediately because it will pose enormous problems in the future. After all, the government has no idea who is entering the nation and cannot exert control over those entering.

When Donald Trump was President, he frequently called to pressure the Mexican government, saying that if they could not handle the situation, the United States government would. In addition, he said that with Biden in power, border communities cannot cope with the surge because immigrants are not being tracked, which is a massive security risk. The fight is already lost if border security is a concern.

According to Kellogg, the Trump administration had promised Mexico and Obrador that it would crack down on drug and human trafficking groups. When the wave of criminals and refugees reaches local communities, it is too late to stop them.

Kellogg further commented on the Senate’s approval of a spending bill that allocates $45 billion to Ukraine, stating that the time has come for the United States to admit that it is a proxy to Ukraine in its fight and that as soon as President Biden tells the American people, everybody will realize it.

This mandates a conversation between President Biden and Russian President Putin. The intention of the phone call should either involve negotiations between the two sides or Biden needs to declare that the United States will provide enough military support for a military victory against the Russian army.

Kellogg remarked that, as a historian, Putin would recollect the events of 1917 involving Tsar Nicholas II and the Russian army.

Kellogg predicted victory against Russia because its military is already depleted. With the losses sustained by its front-line battalions, they are refurbishing T62 tanks that have been unused since 1975.

Whether the American people like it or not, they are now proxies in a new battle, and the United States must exert pressure to ensure its interests are protected.