Gas Explosion in Washington D.C. Business District Leads to Block Closure and Continues to Impact Local Businesses

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A gas-leak explosion in a business-district area kept most of the block closed on Friday as fire department officials checked for more potential fires.

The explosion occurred in the 1200 block of Marion Barry Ave. and resulted in the devastation of a convenience store next to a day care center, which was safely evacuated. The incident caused a series of explosions that led to the closure of businesses in the historic Anacostia area for most of Friday.

Peter Opare, owner of an African soul food restaurant on the same block, expressed concern over the loss of revenue due to the blast and subsequent closure of businesses. According to Opare, the snowfall on the same day added to the financial impact, resulting in two consecutive days of zero revenue.

Fire officials reported that the explosion was caused by a car crashing into an outside gas meter at the convenience store. The impact of the incident was felt by local businesses, including Bill Fadel who runs Grubb’s Pharmacy and Minimart across the street. Fadel shared his gratitude that no one was hurt during the incident, particularly the timely evacuation of children from the area.

The explosive event not only caused financial loss for businesses but also disrupted essential services, such as the delivery of medication from the pharmacy that remained open despite the street closure. Fadel emphasized the pharmacy’s commitment to caring for lives and ensuring access to necessary medication for their patients.

The incident has undoubtedly left a significant impact on the affected businesses and their owners, with many facing the challenge of making up for the lost revenue in the future. The efforts to recover from the financial and mental toll of the explosion will be ongoing for those impacted.