FBI Searches Farms in Connection to Mafia Investigation

GOSHEN, N.Y. (AP) — Federal authorities have been conducting searches of two horse farms in upstate New York as part of an ongoing investigation into the Gambino crime family, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The searches took place on Tuesday at properties located on Hampton Road in Goshen and on Hamptonburgh Road in Campbell Hall. Investigators spent Wednesday combing through the grounds using heavy equipment such as backhoes and shovels, as reported by News 12 and confirmed by an FBI spokesperson.

The authorities were tipped off that there might be bodies buried on the farms, prompting the search. While no remains were found on Wednesday, the search is set to continue.

News 12 has reported that both farms were formerly owned by Giovanni DiLorenzo, who shares the surname of one of the ten alleged mafiosi recently indicted from the Gambino crime family. The indictments include charges of using violent tactics to gain control of New York City’s garbage hauling and demolition industry.

According to the 16-count indictment, the defendants include individuals such as Joseph “Joe Brooklyn” Lanni, Diego “Danny” Tantillo, and Salvatore DiLorenzo. The charges against them revolve around extortion attempts against a garbage hauling company and a demolition company starting in late 2017. Some of the alleged crimes committed by the defendants include a vicious hammer attack that sent a victim to the hospital and threats to cut a business owner in half with a knife.

The search of the farms was prompted by a tip from an anonymous source suggesting that bodies were buried on the properties. The FBI has not released any further information regarding the ongoing investigation.

Authorities will continue their search as they work to uncover any evidence related to the federal investigations into the Gambino crime family.