Family of Slain Hairdresser Launches Hollie Guard Safety App to Combat Domestic Violence

GLOUCESTER, England – The family of a young hairdresser who was tragically killed by her ex-boyfriend has developed a safety app in her honor. Hollie Guard, launched by Hollie Gazzard’s family, can automatically record video and audio, as well as alert police during a violent incident, as reported by The Mirror.

Hollie Gazzard, just 20 years old, was fatally stabbed by Asher Maslin in 2014, sparking her family – her parents Nick and Amanda, and sister Chloe – to set up the Hollie Gazzard Trust to advocate against domestic violence and knife crime. They then created the Hollie Guard safety app, which has been instrumental in 60 court cases, including at least one murder case.

The app, now downloaded over 500,000 times, has been used to send tens of thousands of alerts and has played a prominent role in 60 court cases. It also includes a “man down” feature, which signals authorities if a user’s phone detects no movement for a certain period of time. Moreover, it has received endorsements from nine police forces and the Domestic Abuse Commissioner.

Gazzard’s father, Nick, believes the Hollie Guard has saved lives, bringing him a sense of pride. As the 10th anniversary of Hollie’s death approaches, the family continues to advocate for the prevention of domestic violence and has received recognition for their efforts.

Maslin had a history of violent behavior towards Gazzard, but despite encountering him in public places, no one intervened to help her. Nick now provides training on healthy relationships and being a male ally, while the family strives to increase awareness about becoming “active bystanders”, encouraging others to step in and help when someone is in trouble.

In the wake of her sister’s death, Chloe Gazzard found healing through her work with the trust. She highlighted the importance of their efforts, stating that they, along with Hollie, are making a difference.

The tragic case of Hollie Gazzard serves as a reminder of the pervasive issue of domestic violence and the critical need for intervention in such situations, as evidenced by the impactful work of the Hollie Gazzard Trust and the Hollie Guard safety app.