Ex-Boyfriend Used GPS Tracking Device To Kill New Romantic Rival

Jacksonville, Florida – A 39-year-old man in Florida has been convicted of first-degree murder and armed burglary with assault or battery after brutally stabbing his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend over 100 times and attempting to set his house on fire. Randall Brown’s fate was sealed after authorities discovered incriminating evidence, including his online searches for “how to kill someone with a knife” on his work phone. The victim, who remains unidentified, tragically lost his life in the horrifying attack.

The incident unfolded in the early hours of August 3, 2021, when the victim and his girlfriend awoke to the smell of gasoline and smoke engulfing the house. They discovered that the front door was on fire, prompting the girlfriend, Kissy Mackey, to call 911 at 3 a.m. She reported the stabbing and the fire, stating that an unknown suspect had knocked on the door, stabbed the victim, and set the entrance area ablaze.

According to court documents, an autopsy revealed that the victim had sustained over 100 stab wounds across his body. The wounds were deep and consistent with the use of a larger-style knife. Mackey informed the police that the suspect fled the scene on a bicycle, which prompted her to chase after him in her vehicle. She eventually ran him over, leaving visible blood on her vehicle. The suspect was last seen running and carrying a gas can, which was later found in a nearby yard.

Authorities received a significant breakthrough in the investigation when a person reported a change in Mackey’s Facebook Relationship Status. When a detective checked Mackey’s Facebook account, Mackey had updated her profile to “in a new relationship” with “Randy Brown.” The detective assigned to the case discovered a photo on Brown’s Facebook account, in which he was seen posing with a backpack identical to the one found near the crime scene.

Another crucial tip regarding Brown’s identity came a few days after the murder, linking him to the Facebook profile. The informant stated that Brown confessed to being glad that the victim had been killed by unknown suspects earlier that morning. The informant also said that Brown was complaining to management about a leg wound on his upper die the day of the murder.

Surveillance footage from Goodwill confirmed Brown’s presence at his workplace on the day of the murder. Additionally, evidence found at an abandoned property, including bloody tissue, dressing, first-aid materials, and a receipt, tied Brown to a Dollar General store where he purchased the items. The informant also said that Brown and Mackey had been with one another since the day of the homicide and bragged about their renewed relationship,

Further investigation revealed that Brown had placed a GPS tracking device on Mackey’s car after their breakup. Police said the GPS allowed him to monitor Mackey’s movements, ultimately leading to the location of the victim’s residence. Incriminating Google searches made by Brown just before the murder further solidified the prosecution’s case against him.

Currently, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Brown, while Mackey, who is being prosecuted separately, is facing charges of accessory after the fact.