Disturbing Lowell, MA Case: Woman Faces Judge for Kicking Dog Multiple Times

LOWELL, Massachusetts – A woman faced a judge in Lowell, Massachusetts, on Tuesday after admitting to kicking her dog multiple times in an act of animal cruelty caught on camera. The disturbing incident was only discovered after a property manager went through surveillance footage following a car crash in the area.

The video, which was so distressing that it was paused by NBC10 Boston before showing the woman kicking a dog multiple times, has left neighbors in tears. One neighbor, Ann Isler, expressed disbelief at the cruelty, stating, “I can’t see how somebody could do something so cruel like that.” Another neighbor, Darren Zenga, added, “It breaks my heart that I see someone treat a living thing like that.”

The woman, identified as 30-year-old Kimberly Hernandez, faced a judge on two counts of animal cruelty. According to police, she turned herself in and admitted to abusing her dog, Rex. Prosecutors revealed that Hernandez had been drinking on Sunday night when she took her anger out on the dog after it ruined some papers in her car.

As a result, Hernandez was ordered to pay $5,000 bail, have no unsupervised contact with animals, and surrender all pets, including Rex, who is now in the custody of animal control. She is due back in court next month.

The incident has sparked a strong reaction in the neighborhood, with many expressing relief that the dog, Rex, is now safe in the custody of animal control. The disturbing nature of the act has left the community shaken, and the outcome of the case has prompted intense emotions among neighbors.

In addition to the court’s decision, authorities highlighted the significance of surveillance footage in uncovering the act of cruelty, emphasizing the importance of such awareness in preventing similar incidents of animal abuse in the future.