Director reveals alternate endings for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, including a sinister twist

Toronto, Canada – The movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” went through several options for its ending before settling on the version where Scott chases after Ramona. In one alternate ending considered by co-writer and director Edgar White, Scott would have ended up with Knives instead, but it was ultimately discarded. Another potential ending would have taken the movie in a much darker direction, with Scott being portrayed as a serial killer.

According to White, the original idea for the alternate ending involved a news report discussing a teenager who had killed seven people, revealing that these individuals were actually Ramona’s exes – whom Scott had supposedly defeated in an arcade game. This drastic change in the plot would have certainly altered the tone of the entire movie.

The decision to go with the ending involving Scott pursuing Ramona instead of the alternate endings likely played a significant role in shaping the overall narrative and character development in the film.

It’s interesting to consider how the different endings might have been received by audiences and how they could have impacted the legacy of the movie. The choice of a more traditional romantic ending seems fitting for the overall tone of the film, which balances comedy, action, and romance.

In the end, “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” settled on the ending where Scott chases after Ramona, which is a more conventional romantic conclusion compared to the alternate endings that were considered. The decision to discard the darker and more sinister plotlines likely contributed to the film’s ability to reach a wider audience and become a cult classic.