DeSantis: Unacceptable To Provide Continual Aid To Ukraine

Monday on Fox & Friends, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized President Joseph Biden for giving Ukraine a “blank check,” wandering about Ukraine while the U.S. border is in ruins and putting the U.S. in an unsettling proxy conflict with China.

President Biden stated on Monday that the United States would provide an additional $500 million in military aid to Ukraine, bringing the total to $113 billion. According to DeSantis, Biden’s “blank check” strategy with Ukraine is not only foolish but also hazardous. DeSantis did not believe it was in the nation’s best interests to engage in a proxy war with China over issues such as the borderlands or Crimea. They have a strategy that is essentially a blank check, with no clear strategic purpose outlined, and these things may escalate., DeSantis said. He added that he believes it would be in their best interest to specify the strategic aim they are attempting to achieve. It is unacceptable to suggest that it is an open-ended blank check.

DeSantis also harshly criticized Biden’s “surprise visit” to Ukraine. This trip has earned the president melodramatic praise from the corporate press despite being a transparent publicity stunt designed to distract from the president’s botched handling of the Chinese spy balloon and the East Palestine chemical leak.

Biden is particularly concerned about those international borders halfway around the globe. Yet, he has done nothing to safeguard the borders in the U.S., stated DeSantis. Millions upon millions of people have immigrated to the United States, tens of thousands of Americans have died from fentanyl overdoses, and, of course, the national humiliation of China flying a spy balloon across the entire United States.

In fact, upon assuming office, Biden repealed previous President Donald Trump’s border security provisions and reintroduced the Obama-era catch-and-release system, resulting in a major increase in illegal immigration and, as a result, human and drug trafficking.

DeSantis also remarked that the war in Ukraine may never have begun if Biden had not exhibited such weakness in office, especially during his humiliating and fatal retreat from Afghanistan. DeSantis expressed his belief that this would not have occurred if the president did not show weakness during his first year in office, culminating in the tragic pullout from Afghanistan.

DeSantis added that there are growing concerns that Beijing is supplying Russia with “lethal assistance,” which might exacerbate the adversarial relationship between the United States and China. DeSantis says Russia has demonstrated that it is not a genuine danger to the United States, and the true threat is China, and it is risky for the United States to engage in a proxy war with China. The worry of Russia entering NATO countries and steamrolling them is not even close to being realized, DeSantis added. DeSantis stated that Russia had demonstrated that they are a third-rate military force and have suffered enormous losses.

DeSantis stated that he must believe that the people of Russia are likely unhappy with what is occurring. “I don’t believe they can speak up about it for obvious reasons,”  DeSantis continued that he believes Russia has been severely injured in this instance. Even if they are antagonistic, he does not believe they pose the same danger to our country, nor are they on par with China.

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