Deadly Tragedy Unfolds in Gaza: Eyewitnesses Detail Horrific “Flour Massacre”

Gaza City, Gaza Strip: Tensions escalated in Gaza City on February 29 when a humanitarian aid convoy turned into chaos and tragedy. As Palestinian residents gathered for an aid delivery, Israeli soldiers accompanying the convoy opened fire, resulting in more than 100 deaths and 700 injuries, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

Referred to as the “Flour Massacre” by Palestinians, the incident marked one of the deadliest mass casualty events in Gaza since Israel’s military campaign in response to Hamas’ October 7 terror attack. The attack followed a period of aid denial by Israel and a UN report highlighting a pattern of Israeli attacks on civilians in need of food, amidst rising levels of starvation.

Eyewitnesses shared harrowing accounts of the events, with videos and testimonies raising doubts about the Israeli military’s version of the incident. Conflicting reports emerged, with Gaza health authorities citing gunshot wounds in contrast to the Israeli military’s claims of a “stampede” caused by the aid trucks.

Despite the violence, survivors like Jihad Abu Watfa remained steadfast in their pursuit of aid for their families. Videos captured the chaos and desperation as individuals navigated through gunfire to secure food supplies. Alarming details emerged, with forensic and ballistic experts questioning the accuracy of the IDF’s accounts of the events that transpired that night.

As the aftermath unfolded, videos and images depicted the grim reality of the tragedy, with survivors recounting their experiences of being caught in the crossfire. The international community raised concerns about the safety of aid distribution in Gaza, calling into question Israel’s ability to facilitate the much-needed assistance to the region.

The incident on February 29 was not an isolated one, with previous reports of attacks on civilians waiting for aid deliveries in Gaza. The ongoing struggles faced by Palestinians underscored the urgent need for humanitarian support and the risks involved in accessing essential supplies in the region.

Moving forward, questions remain about accountability and ensuring the safety of aid distribution efforts in conflict-affected areas like Gaza. The devastating events of that night serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region and the challenges faced by those seeking to provide assistance to vulnerable populations.