Dayton Cold Case Breakthrough: Son Suspected in Mother’s Murder Arrested

Dayton, Ohio – A new development has surfaced in a 17-year-old cold case involving the murder of a Dayton mother and business owner. Jeffrey Young is currently under suspicion of murder as per online court records. The investigation, spearheaded by News Center 7’s Cheryl McHenry, revealed that the charges are linked to the death of Patricia Peck, Young’s mother. Peck, last seen alive in February 2007, was found deceased under suspicious circumstances.

Despite the passage of time, the case of Patricia Peck continues to haunt friends and investigators alike. Friends, like Ron Rohling, vividly recall the events leading up to Peck’s disappearance. Rohling mentioned in a previous interview how he sensed something was amiss when Peck failed to show up for work after having plans with her son. The discovery of Peck’s car at Dayton International Airport, nearly two weeks after her disappearance, marked a grim turning point in the investigation. Inside the vehicle, Peck’s lifeless body was concealed beneath blankets and a towel, indicating a brutal crime.

The retired Dayton Police Homicide Detective Doyle Burke described the horrific findings, detailing evidence of strangulation and blunt force trauma. Speculating that the murder was likely driven by passion, Burke highlighted a crucial clue – an imitation rose found atop Peck’s body. The peculiar detail, wrapped in plastic, hints at a deliberate act by the assailant. With DNA evidence surfacing, investigators remain optimistic about uncovering the truth behind Peck’s untimely demise.

As the case unfolds, News Center 7 remains committed to shedding light on the mystery surrounding Patricia Peck’s murder. The latest development involving Jeffrey Young’s arrest provides a glimmer of hope in a long-awaited resolution for justice. With the involvement of the Cold Case Unit, renewed efforts are underway to piece together the events leading to Peck’s tragic end. The community watches with bated breath as investigators strive towards unraveling the truth hidden within this enduring cold case.