CEOs of SK and Aekyung Sentenced to Prison for Humidifier Sterilizer Deaths

SEOUL, South Korea – Two former CEOs of SK Chemical and Aekyung Industrial were convicted and sentenced to prison on Tuesday for their involvement in the deaths of people who used humidifier sterilizers that the companies had produced. The ruling comes amid a prolonged legal battle over the case.

The Seoul Central District Court found the CEOs guilty of negligence for failing to ensure the safety of their products, which resulted in the deaths of numerous consumers. The sterilizers in question were found to have contained toxic chemicals that caused lung damage and other health issues when inhaled.

The court’s decision was a significant victory for the victims’ families, who have been fighting for justice for nearly a decade. The CEO of SK Chemical was sentenced to seven years in prison, while the former CEO of Aekyung Industrial received a five-year prison term. Both companies were also ordered to compensate the victims’ families.

The case has prompted widespread public outrage and sparked a national debate on corporate responsibility and consumer protection laws. The verdict is expected to set a precedent for holding companies accountable for the harmful effects of their products on consumers.

The two former CEOs have the right to appeal the court’s decision. However, the ruling sends a strong message that the South Korean legal system is committed to upholding the rights of consumers and holding corporate executives accountable for their actions. The case serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of ensuring the safety and quality of consumer products.