CCP War Preparations: What it Means for America

Nikki Haley, a presidential contender and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has announced that the communist leadership in China is preparing to bring war to Taiwan and the United States.

During a June 27 address at the American Enterprise Institute think tank in Washington, Haley harshly criticized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

She emphasized that the dictatorship is not a rival of the United States but its worst opponent. China is preparing its people for war, which is the ultimate goal of the Chinese Communist Party.

After CCP leader Xi Jinping declared that China had to be ready for “extreme situations,” which many have taken to signify military warfare, Haley chimed in with her own words. In addition, Xi has ordered the regime’s military to be prepared for war and launch an invasion of democratic Taiwan by 2027.

The administration has also begun a notable campaign of military intimidation, intercepting and harassing Taiwanese, American, and allied military aircraft and ships.

Haley claimed these provocations were deliberate. These are the calculated moves of a communist regime hellbent on crushing the United States economically and militarily.

China’s primary objective is the United States. Haley said the question is: what will America do about it?

To prevent a war over Taiwan, which the CCP claims as part of its territory, Haley said the United States must oppose China across all domains.

According to Haley, the Chinese Communist Party’s top priority right now is seizing control of Taiwan. The last thing everyone wants is for China to invade and start a war. America cannot let that happen.

Haley concluded that the United States continued commercial ties with China over many years had contributed to the current state of things.

According to Haley, the CCP has successfully undermined American power by exploiting American business. This is possible because the CCP follows a strategy of military-civil fusion, in which all civil entities are also expected to serve a military function.

According to Haley, the United States is China’s playground. As ambassador, she raised attention to the Chinese Communist Party’s use of American businesses to bolster its military through a program known as military-civil fusion.

Haley claimed that the CCP had taken advantage of American generosity and the global liberal order’s optimism that business with China would lead to more democracy in the country.

Haley claims that economic engagement has aided the CCP in diminishing U.S. influence and now threatens to allow the government to replace the U.S. rather than healing China and ending its authoritarianism.

She argued that the influence of Chinese communist ideology was overlooked in liberal economic theory.

Haley noted the CCP’s malicious purpose by citing the regime’s use of a surveillance balloon to target vital U.S. military facilities in February and the regime’s recently found espionage base in Cuba.