Burger Chef Unsolved Murders Site to be Razed and Replaced with New Dental Office

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The site of the notorious unsolved Burger Chef murders, which occurred 45 years ago in Speedway, is set to be demolished and replaced by a dental office. This free-standing building, located at 5725-5735 Crawfordsville Road, has been the subject of various unsuccessful redevelopments over the years, according to Speedway Town Council President Vince Noblet.

The murders took place on November 17, 1978, when four Burger Chef workers were abducted at closing time. The bodies of the victims were discovered two days later in a field in Johnson County. The case remains unsolved, and a state police investigator is still assigned to it.

The murders have garnered attention from true crime enthusiasts, authors, and documentary makers, with various media outlets publishing literature and videos investigating the crime. However, despite these efforts, the case remains unresolved.

Relatives of the victims have differing opinions about the demolition of the building – while some consider it evil and wish for a blessing to be performed on the site, others have not placed blame on the building itself. Despite advancements in technology, there remains only a slight hope for the case to be solved, leaving the relatives with a sense of discouragement.

Former Speedway police Lt. Bill Jones, who was involved in the case, recalls that the assumption at the time was that drugs were involved. Despite efforts by law enforcement, the trail ran cold. The dismantling of the building serves as a grim reminder of the tragic event, with council president Noblet emphasizing that it was a stark warning to the town. The building is expected to be razed and a dental office will be constructed in its place, with the property sold for $350,000 to Da Dental Partners. The new development signifies a fresh start for the area.

The case of the Burger Chef murders continues to haunt the community, with the hope of closure dwindling as the years pass. While the demolition of the building signifies progress, the pain and sorrow of the unresolved case linger on.