BMW Launches Armored Car Driving School for Security Professional Training

Mexico City, Mexico – The allure of armored cars has always been intriguing, especially those directly offered by auto manufacturers. Companies like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have been producing armored versions of their vehicles for decades, catering to heads of state, CEOs, mobsters, and celebrities. These luxury armored cars not only provide protection from bullets but also from bombs.

Movies like “James Bond,” “Mission: Impossible,” and “The Transporter” have only fueled the desire to drive an armored car, depicting heroes in high-speed chases and daring escapes. BMW is now introducing a Security Vehicle Training program to teach proper driving techniques for handling armored cars and evading threats.

Hosted at the ex-Soviet Groß Dölln air force base in Berlin, Germany, BMW’s armored car driving school offers a two-day standard course that covers both driving and theoretical aspects. Students learn to handle the unique driving dynamics of heavier armored cars like the 7 Series Protection through realistic practice scenarios, including escape situations and evasive maneuvers.

The Level 2 course spans three days and includes training in escape maneuvers under gunfire, defensive driving with vehicle contact, night ambushes, and off-road training with the armored X5 SUV. BMW’s new 7 Series Protection lineup, which includes an electric version for the first time, offers the ultimate protection while maintaining comfort and spaciousness.

Features of the armored 7 Series include an intercom system, self-sealing fuel tank, automatic fire extinguisher, fresh-air supply system, unique suspension tuning, and special Michelin PAX runflat tires. Despite these security features, the car still retains luxury elements like BMW Individual paint colors, massaging seats, and driver-assist features.

The website for the training program does not list prices and specifies that the courses are only for professional drivers of security vehicles. BMW’s commitment to security is evident in the VR9 protection class of the 7 Series, offering resistance to explosives targeted at the roof and underbody. The program ensures that drivers are prepared for extreme situations and can handle the demands of driving an armored vehicle.