Avian Influenza Outbreak Strikes Swans at Orlando’s Lake Eola Park – City Takes Swift Action

Orlando, Florida – Officials in Orlando have confirmed cases of Avian Influenza among swans at Lake Eola Park, raising concerns about the spread of the disease. Following the discovery of several deceased birds at the park in recent weeks, city staff consulted with local veterinarians who recommended conducting necropsies on two swans. The results showed that both the Royal Mute swan and the Australian Black swan had tested positive for Avian Influenza.

The city has since reported additional swan deaths over the weekend, prompting an investigation in collaboration with the Orlando Police Department to address potential criminal activity. While two more swans have been sent for necropsies, awaiting results, officials are taking proactive measures to protect the community and prevent further spread of the virus. Citywide efforts include thorough disinfection of various park surfaces and precautionary guidelines for staff to maintain cleanliness.

Although Avian Influenza is known to potentially transmit to humans, officials emphasize that such cases are rare, with only one reported in the U.S. since 2022. As a precaution, the community is advised to avoid direct contact with birds at Lake Eola Park, especially for both people and pets, and to prevent contact with bird excrement. Residents are also urged to remove shoes before entering homes and clean them thoroughly if contamination is suspected.

Recognizing the recommendation from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to allow the flu to run its course among the bird population to build immunity, the city pledges to monitor the situation closely and report any new infections. Orlando remains committed to maintaining a high level of vigilance in disinfecting the park to ensure public safety and well-being amid the Avian Influenza outbreak.