AOC’s Worst Nightmare: Elon Musk’s New Twitter Program Leaves Liberals Lamenting Missed Money

Liberals who refused to pay for the blue check are crying over missed money thanks to Elon Musk’s new Twitter initiative to share ad revenue with verified content creators on its platform. This program is available to users who subscribe to Twitter Blue. Yes, the very same one AOC was whining about because Musk was charging eight dollars for that pretty blue check.

In addition to the blue check, accounts must also have garnered more than five million monthly tweet impressions within the last three months. As long as they meet the eligibility criteria, creators will receive a share of the advertising revenue, which will be deposited directly into their Stripe accounts within three days. They will be notified of this via an automated email.

In a recent statement, Twitter announced that this creator monetization offering, which includes ad revenue sharing, aims to enable creators to earn a share of the ad revenue generated from replies to their posts. The company intends to expand the program to all eligible creators later this month, affirming its commitment to helping people earn a living directly on the platform.

Some creators who received the email shared screenshots revealing substantial earnings from their content and its virality. Notably, Billy Markus, the co-creator of Dogecoin, shared that his payout amounted to an impressive $37,050, while writer Brian Krassenstein, with over 750,000 followers, received nearly $25,000 from Twitter.

Elon Musk also joined the conversation, stating that the first payout, covering ads appearing in content creator’s reply threads, would include cumulative earnings since he initially announced the program in February. Musk recently disclosed that the initial block of payment equaled $5 million. He clarified that verified creators are eligible, and only ads served to verified users are counted for revenue sharing.

Since assuming control of Twitter, Musk has been exploring new avenues to generate funds and attract more creators to the platform. The timing of these payouts is crucial, coinciding with Meta’s launch of Twitter competitor Threads, aimed at challenging Twitter’s dominance. While some experts speculate that Threads may threaten Twitter, the news of revenue sharing has garnered significant attention on social media, likely leading to an influx of content creators joining Twitter.

In addition to ad revenue, creators on Twitter now have the freedom to offer monthly subscriptions to their audience. Musk shared on Twitter that for the next 12 months, Twitter will not charge any fees, allowing creators to keep the majority of the subscription revenue (70% on iOS and Android, and approximately 92% on the web, after deducting payment processor fees).

After the first year, as the fees on iOS and Android decreased, Twitter plans to add a small amount to the revenue share based on the transaction volume.