32-Year-Old Olathe Man Found Guilty of Aggravated Domestic Battery in Lawrence Strangling Case

LAWRENCE, Kansas – A jury in Douglas County, Kansas, has recently convicted 32-year-old Austin W. Kidder of aggravated domestic battery for strangling a Lawrence woman. The District Attorney of Douglas County, Suzanne Valdez, praised the survivor for coming forward and seeking justice. Valdez emphasized the importance of the community’s responsibility to ensure the safety of its members.

The charges against Kidder stemmed from an incident that took place on or about August 16, 2022, during which he strangled the then 33-year-old woman who was in a dating relationship with him. In addition to the aggravated domestic battery conviction, Kidder was also found guilty of criminal damage to property for damaging the woman’s mobile phone. His sentencing is scheduled for March 29.

As a result of his aggravated domestic battery conviction, Kidder faces between 11 and 34 months in the Kansas Department of Corrections. For the criminal damage to property conviction, he could face up to six months in the county jail.

The case highlights the importance of reporting domestic violence and seeking justice. It also serves as a reminder of the shared responsibility within the community to ensure the safety of its members. The District Attorney’s words of gratitude to the survivor for coming forward reflect the importance of supporting and believing victims of domestic violence.

The upcoming sentencing will determine the consequences Kidder will face for his actions. It is a pivotal moment in the pursuit of justice for the survivor and a reminder of the legal measures in place to address cases of domestic violence.