10-Year Sentence Handed Down in Fatal Shooting at Charlottesville Supermarket

Charlottesville, Virginia – A sentencing hearing took place in Charlottesville Circuit Court on Thursday in relation to a fatal shooting incident at a local supermarket that claimed the life of one individual on March 4, 2023.

Nasier McGhee, the defendant, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for a voluntary manslaughter charge following the incident at the Sunshine Supermarket on Cherry Avenue. Initially facing a charge of malicious wounding, McGhee received a sentence with no suspended time by Judge Claude V. Worrell.

The victim, Justice Kilel, a 20-year-old from Gordonsville, was tragically shot and killed during the altercation at the supermarket last spring. According to court records, the confrontation arose from an ongoing dispute between the individuals involved, with McGhee, then 19 years old, being one of the alleged assailants.

While shots were fired during the argument, Commonwealth’s Attorney Joe Platania clarified that McGhee did not possess a firearm nor discharge the fatal shots. Nevertheless, McGhee’s involvement in the violent incident led to a conviction and a substantial prison sentence, as deemed appropriate by Platania.

A second individual, a juvenile whose identity has not been disclosed due to their age, was also charged with second-degree murder in relation to Kilel’s death. Following the altercation, the juvenile was taken to UVA Medical Center in Charlottesville for treatment.

Details regarding the juvenile’s charges and any subsequent sentencing remain undisclosed at this time. The Charlottesville Police Department has refrained from releasing further information about the case, maintaining confidentiality due to the juvenile’s age.

The incident underscores the tragic consequences of escalating disputes and the importance of addressing conflicts through peaceful means. The court’s decision to sentence McGhee highlights the legal repercussions of involvement in violent altercations, emphasizing the need for individuals to seek non-violent resolutions to conflicts.