Woman Stabs Mother to Death, Tells Officers She’s Too Pretty for Jail

Las Vegas, NV – Hend Bustami, a woman from Las Vegas, has been sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in prison for stabbing her mother to death. The incident occurred last year when Bustami confessed to the crime after smashing a glass table over her mother’s head. In response to second-degree murder charges, she pleaded “guilty but mentally ill.” Bustami was arrested, covered in blood on a California highway a few hours after the incident.

During her grand jury hearing, prosecutors played an audio recording of Bustami’s 911 call on the night of the murder, where she stated, “I think I killed my mommy.” The 29-year-old was living with her mother at the time, and the argument that turned violent was reportedly sparked by a disagreement over cigarettes. When the 911 operator asked why she thought she killed her mom, Bustami calmly explained, “I murdered her.” The 911 operator asked how she killed her; Bustami explained that she smashed a glass table over her mom’s head and cut her neck off.

Bustami had made headlines a month before the murder when she was arrested at Harry Reid International Airport. During the arrest, she protested, claiming she was too “pretty” to be taken into custody. She had allegedly skipped out on paying the bill at an airport restaurant and then called the officers “perverts,” accusing them of wanting to rape her “because they never seen anyone as good looking.” When officers arrived at the restaurant, she was reportedly drunk.

In addition to the murder charge, Bustami pleaded guilty to several other felony convictions, including burglary, invasion of the home, controlled substance possession, sales, and gaming offenses.

The sentence she received will keep her in prison until 2037 when she will be eligible for parole. During her incarceration, she will have access to mental health treatment and programs.

Bustami’s case highlights the tragic consequences of a violent altercation within a family. Unresolved conflicts can pose grave dangers, as evidenced by the circumstances surrounding the murder. The sentencing ensures that Bustami will face the legal consequences of her actions, serving a significant portion of her life behind bars while receiving necessary mental health support during her time in custody.