Woman Found Guilty of Cat Killing on Livestream Charged with Murder of Man in Oxford River

Oxford, England – In a shocking turn of events, a woman who filmed herself killing a cat has been convicted of the murder of a man four months later. Scarlett Blake, 25, was found guilty of the murder of Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, after a disturbing series of events unfolded in Oxford. The grim incident began with Blake live-streaming the brutal dissection of a cat to a soundtrack of New Order’s “True Faith” following her viewing of a Netflix documentary named “Don’t F*** With Cats.”

Blake, who prosecutors described as having a fixation with violence, reportedly sought out Martin Carreno on the streets of Oxford in search of a victim to kill. The body of the Spanish national and BMW factory worker was later discovered in the River Cherwell at Parson’s Pleasure. The case took a turn when Blake’s former partner revealed her confession to the murder, which led to a murder investigation two years after the incident.

During the trial, it was revealed that Blake had pleaded guilty to killing the cat but denied the charges of murdering Martin Carreno. Prosecutors detailed a disturbing pattern of behavior, including videos of Blake partaking in consensual strangulation with ligatures. CCTV footage showed Martin Carreno attempting to find his way home while encountering Blake on the same night, ultimately leading to his demise.

Blake, who had origins in China and came to the UK at a young age, attempted to shift blame onto her ex-partner for pressuring her into killing the cat. However, she claimed that she had fabricated details of killing Martin Carreno to satisfy her ex-partner’s desires after his death made headlines. Despite her denials, the evidence presented in court painted a chilling picture of Blake’s disturbing interest in violence and death.