Woman accused in River Cherwell killing previously tortured a cat

Oxford, UK – A woman accused of murder was revealed to have a history of torturing and killing animals, including a cat, according to court testimony. This shocking revelation came to light during the trial of Scarlet Blake, who is accused of the murder of Jorge Carreno, whose body was found in the River Cherwell at Parson’s Pleasure in July 2021.

Prosecutors disclosed that Blake, previously known as Alice Wang, had a documented interest in death and harm that went beyond mere fantasy. They stated that she derived sexual gratification from thoughts of violence and death. The court further heard allegations that she livestreamed the dissection of a cat in March 2021, displaying what was described as “grotesque pleasure.”

Alison Morgan KC, the prosecutor, detailed the events leading up to Carreno’s death, alleging that Blake intentionally sought out a victim on the night of the incident. She offered Carreno a bottle of vodka at the Radcliffe Camera before allegedly leading him to Parson’s Pleasure, where he was later found in the river.

Additionally, the court was informed of Blake’s apparent fascination with the Netflix documentary “Don’t F**k with Cats,” about murderer Luka Magnotta, showcasing similarities in the choice of music during the livestream of the cat dissection.

Following the discovery of video evidence in Blake’s possession highlighting her interest in strangulation, the doctor who conducted the post-mortem examination was prompted to reconsider the cause of Carreno’s death, leading to new suspicions of foul play.

The prosecution’s case against Blake highlights the chilling nature of the allegations and poses questions about the potential link between animal cruelty and violent behavior towards humans. As the trial progresses, more details are expected to come to light, shedding further light on the tragic events that led to Carreno’s untimely death.