White Supremacist Escapes During Hospital Shootout, US Police on the Hunt

Boise, Idaho – Police are on the hunt for a white supremacist who orchestrated a violent escape from custody at an Idaho hospital, injuring three prison staff members in a chaotic shootout. Skylar Meade, a member of the Aryan Knights gang known for his distinctive facial tattoos, was being escorted from a medical facility when gunfire erupted, leading to a dramatic getaway with the assistance of Nicholas Umphenour. The brazen attack took place inside the hospital’s emergency department, leaving one prison officer critically injured.

Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar described the incident as a coordinated and violent attack on Idaho Department of Corrections personnel, carried out right in front of the Emergency Department. Responding officers mistakenly targeted a prison staffer during the chaos, further escalating the situation. Winegar emphasized the danger posed by the suspects, urging the public to contact authorities immediately rather than confront them due to their armed and dangerous nature.

Following the escape, officers swiftly entered the emergency department, locking down the hospital as they searched for the fleeing individuals. Meade, who had been serving a lengthy sentence for assaulting a law enforcement officer since 2016, was not due for release until 2036. Despite the violence of the escape, Winegar reassured the public that all three injured prison staff members are expected to recover fully from their wounds.

The intensified manhunt for both Meade and Umphenour underscores the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement in dealing with dangerous criminals and violent extremists. The escape serves as a reminder of the risks associated with housing individuals with ties to white supremacist groups within the prison system. As authorities continue to pursue the fugitives, the community remains on high alert, with a heightened sense of vigilance and concern for public safety in the aftermath of the daring jailbreak.