Weapons Obsessed Man Found Guilty of Causing Explosion in Bedfordshire Home

Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire man, Matthew Haydon, was found guilty of causing an explosion in his home, revealing a past request to throw a grenade on the children’s TV show Jim’ll Fix It. The incident, which left Haydon with chest and hand injuries, took place in April last year, stemming from an obsession with explosives.

Haydon, 48, confessed to police that his interest in weaponry led him to conduct research on explosives. The motivation behind his actions was tied to the aftermath of the Ariana Grande concert bombing, which deeply impacted him. His mother found him injured and in distress after the blast, prompting medical attention and a call to emergency services.

During the investigation, authorities discovered a home laboratory with chemicals, equipment, and handwritten notes, indicating Haydon’s extensive experimentation with explosives. Videos of him conducting experiments and footage of detonations were also found, showcasing the dangerous nature of his activities. Chemical analysis confirmed the presence of explosive materials in the samples taken from Haydon’s home.

Haydon admitted to mixing chemicals that caused the explosion but denied intent to endanger life or property. He acknowledged being negligent in handling the substances and failing to wear proper protective gear, leading to the accident. Despite his claims, a jury found him guilty of causing an explosion likely to endanger life or property.

As the legal proceedings concluded, Haydon was remanded in custody to await sentencing at a later date. The case sheds light on the dangers of individuals engaging in reckless behavior with explosives, emphasizing the need for responsible handling of such materials to prevent harm to oneself and others.