Wave of Drones Launched by Russia in New Year’s Attack on Ukraine Captured on Camera

Kiev, Ukraine – In the early hours of New Year’s Day, Russia launched a staggering 90 drones, prompting a defiant response from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Despite the relentless attack, Ukraine managed to shoot down 87 of the drones, signaling its determination to defend its territory.

Zelensky vowed to unleash Ukraine’s “wrath” on Vladimir Putin’s forces, asserting that Russia would soon face the consequences of its aggression. The wave of drone attacks resulted in destructive consequences in various Ukrainian cities, including Odesa, where one person died and nine were wounded due to a fire ignited by a Russian drone.

The Ukrainian president also revealed plans to bolster the country’s arsenal with at least “a million” additional drones, accompanied by F-16 fighter jets delivered by Western allies. Despite billions of dollars worth of Western weapons, Ukraine has faced difficulties in making significant progress against the invading Russian forces.

The relentless attack led to widespread destruction, with reports of damage to port infrastructure, university dormitories, and national memorials. Russia’s intensified pressure along the frontlines has resulted in the capture of several towns and cities, adding to the challenges faced by Ukraine in its defense against the invasion.

Ukraine’s call for continued military support from its Western allies was answered by Britain, which announced the dispatch of hundreds more air-defense missiles to Kyiv. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak affirmed the commitment to stand with Ukraine, underscoring the need to support the country in its ongoing struggle for sovereignty. As the conflict continues to escalate, the number of victims from the missile attack on Kyiv on December 29 has increased to 27, according to the capital city’s military administration.