Violent Assault Forces Elderly Pub Owners Into Retirement After 13-Year Tenancy

MARGATE, England – A violent assault by three intoxicated patrons at Lesters pub in Margate has led veteran landlord Barry Holmes, 78, and his wife Susan to end their 13-year tenancy. The shocking attack left Holmes with a broken arm requiring surgery, forcing the couple to say goodbye to the pub that had been both their home and livelihood for over a decade.

The incident began when Taylor Porter, Simon Brockhouse, and George Cooper, who had been drinking for hours, became violent after Mr. Holmes asked them to stop swearing. The situation escalated quickly, with a drink being thrown, punches thrown, and even a chair used as a weapon, resulting in serious injuries for Mr. Holmes and distress for Mrs. Holmes and other patrons. The assailants were swiftly convicted and sentenced to immediate imprisonment by Canterbury Crown Court, highlighting the severity of their actions and the importance of protecting public servants.

The assault had a deep impact on the Holmes couple, prompting their retirement from the pub that had been their residence and business for more than a decade. Despite attempting to return to work after the attack, the sense of security and joy in their roles had been irreparably damaged, leading to their decision to depart. Now in retirement, the couple leads a quiet life, still grappling with the emotional and physical scars from the assault.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by those in the service industry, particularly publicans who are integral to community life. For the Holmes couple, their departure from Lesters was not the peaceful exit they had envisioned, marred by violence and heartache. Nevertheless, their resilience in the face of adversity and their determination to move forward in retirement speak volumes about their strength and character.