Utah Parents Face Felony Charges in Tragic Death of 3-Month-Old Daughter

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – A tragic story unfolds as Utah authorities charge a father and mother for their alleged involvement in the death of their 3-month-old daughter, who succumbed to injuries consistent with child abuse. The baby, identified as Dariana Elizabet Gonzalez-Samano, was taken to Primary Children’s Hospital in serious condition on Feb. 19.

Medical professionals at the hospital noted that the infant suffered three cardiac arrests before being admitted. A CT scan revealed Dariana had retinal hemorrhages, a traumatic cataract, and brain bleeding. Despite efforts to save her, Dariana was pronounced dead on Feb. 22, following two brain death examinations.

Investigations pointed towards potential child abuse, as the infant’s injuries did not seem accidental. Dariana’s father, 21-year-old Israel Levi Gonzalez Gomez, and her mother, 20-year-old Andrea Samano Galeana, were both questioned. Gonzalez Gomez reportedly admitted that they took their daughter to the hospital after she became limp and pale while he was comforting her.

Tragic details emerged as Gonzalez Gomez revealed that Dariana had fallen from a bed, leading to visible injuries and breathing difficulties. A disturbing revelation came to light when investigators found incriminating messages on the couple’s cell phones, hinting at previous acts of abuse towards the baby.

Gonzalez Gomez faces charges of first-degree felony murder or first-degree felony child abuse homicide and child abuse misdemeanors. Galeana, on the other hand, is charged with obstructing justice as the investigation continues. The couple’s tragic story serves as a reminder of the importance of reporting suspected child abuse to relevant authorities to prevent such heart-wrenching situations from occurring in the future.