Urgent Alert: Authorities Warn Public Not to Approach Armed Suspect in Bushey Triple Homicide

Bushey, England — A tragic incident in a quiet English town has escalated into a large-scale manhunt as police search for a suspect involved in the deaths of a broadcaster’s wife and two daughters. Authorities issued a stern warning to the public, advising them to avoid approaching the suspect, 26-year-old Kyle Clifford, who may still be armed with a crossbow.

Kyle Clifford, a former British Army serviceman, is believed to have left the military in 2022 before allegedly committing the triple murder in Bushey, northwest of London. On Tuesday evening, local police responded to a distress call at a home in Ashlyn Close, discovering three women with severe injuries. Despite immediate medical attention, Carol Hunt, 61, and her daughters Louise, 25, and Hannah, 28, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Local and regional law enforcement agencies, including units from Hertfordshire and North London, have been mobilized in the ongoing search for Clifford. The suspect is thought to be carrying a crossbow, potentially the same weapon used in the killings, along with other armaments.

Residents near the scene of the tragedy expressed profound sadness, creating makeshift memorials and laying flowers at the police cordon. The local community has been shaken, and many gathered to remember the lives of the three women, reflecting on the peace and tranquility normally associated with their town.

Authorities have taken extra precautions, including heightening police presence in nearby areas and ensuring local schools maintain secure perimeters. Some institutions, like St Michael’s CofE Primary School in Enfield, opted to keep students indoors as a precaution, minimizing outdoor activities but maintaining regular schedules to prevent undue alarm.

In response to this incident and broader concerns about weapon control, discussions about tightening regulations on crossbows have resurfaced. Current UK laws do not require crossbows to be licensed, though carrying them in public without a reasonable excuse is illegal. This event has prompted officials, including the Home Secretary, to consider immediate reviews of existing laws to prevent future tragedies.

Amid the ongoing manhunt and investigation, the community and broader racing and broadcasting communities have come together, offering condolences and support for broadcaster John Hunt and his family. Public figures and institutions related to the racing world, including ITV racing commentator Matt Chapman, have expressed their shock and extended their sympathies, highlighting the unity and support from the community during such profound grief.

As the search for Kyle Clifford continues, the affected communities remain vigilant, cooperating with law enforcement efforts to ensure public safety and to bring the suspect to justice as swiftly as possible. Officials urge anyone with information on Clifford’s whereabouts to contact the authorities, emphasizing the importance of community collaboration in resolving the situation.