Unsolved Mysteries Season 11: Your Guide to Streaming on Amazon Prime Video & Peacock

Los Angeles, CA – Fans of the popular documentary series, Unsolved Mysteries, can now stream the eleventh season online. The show delves into real-life unsolved crimes, disappearances, conspiracy theories, and paranormal occurrences through re-enactments and interviews. Season eleven, which premiered in 1999, features intriguing and bizarre crime stories from around the world.

Viewers can watch Unsolved Mysteries Season 11 on popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Peacock. The six-episode season revisits the murders of Colorado police officers, a brutal high school student murder in Ohio, a modern-day exorcism in Connecticut, and a miraculous child’s recovery, among other cases. The show, hosted by Robert Stack and featuring other experts, has garnered a large following over the years.

Amazon Prime Video offers the season as part of its membership, which includes fast shipping and exclusive sales. Meanwhile, Peacock, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, provides access to a library of titles produced by NBCUniversal studios and affiliates, as well as third-party titles.

To watch the season on Amazon Prime Video, viewers can sign up for the service and choose a membership plan. Peacock offers a Premium account with over 80,000 hours of TV, movies, and sports, along with a Premium Plus plan that includes no ads and offline viewing.

The synopsis of Unsolved Mysteries combines dramatic re-enactments, interviews, and updates on real human and paranormal mysteries, with an audience interactive call-to-action request that allows viewers to provide tips to help solve the cases. It’s important to note that the availability of the season on these streaming services is subject to change.