Uber Eats Takes Action Against Delivery Driver Accused of Assaulting Elderly Couple

Honolulu, Hawaii – Uber Eats has taken swift action against one of its delivery drivers accused of a violent attack that left two elderly individuals injured last week. The disturbing incident occurred on Kalakaua Ave, where a 72-year-old woman suffered a serious head injury and a 65-year-old man endured minor injuries.

Surveillance footage captured the shocking assault, showing a man on a moped viciously beating the victims before fleeing the scene. The attacker remains at large, with law enforcement pursuing a second-degree assault case in connection with the incident.

In response to the incident, Uber Eats released a statement condemning the violence, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior on their platform. The company promptly revoked the driver’s access to the app and has offered assistance to law enforcement in their investigation.

Property Manager Puni Wilcox, who was one of the victims, described the harrowing experience of being assaulted by a delivery driver over a parking dispute. Despite the trauma and injuries sustained, Wilcox expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from the community, emphasizing the resilience and unity of the people in the face of adversity.

While Wilcox appreciates the outpouring of kindness, she has requested privacy as she cares for her partner, who continues to recover from the injuries inflicted during the attack. The incident has sparked outrage and concern among residents, highlighting the need for increased safety measures and vigilance in the community.

As authorities continue their search for the assailant, the victims and their loved ones are focused on healing and coming to terms with the traumatic event. The solidarity and compassion shown by the community serve as a reminder of the strength and compassion that prevail in times of adversity.