U-Haul Worker’s Family Finds Relief in Guilty Verdict in Second-Degree Murder Case

Pittsburgh, PA – A man has been convicted of second-degree murder in the 2021 killing of a U-Haul worker, Jake Jaillet. Braijon Burton was found guilty of the murder, which took place in July 2021. Investigators revealed that the shooting occurred when Burton attempted to rent a truck from the U-Haul branch in Pittsburgh’s East End but could not afford it. Following the shooting, Burton was arrested after a chase that ended along Route 28.

Jake Jaillet, the victim’s father, expressed relief at the guilty verdict, stating, “We will never get Jake back, so it’s always going to be that loss, but you get your good days and your bad days. Today was a good day for sure.” A doctor testified during Burton’s trial that Jake suffered a “life-ending” spinal cord injury in the shooting and tragically passed away in the hospital several days later.

The community has rallied around the Jaillet family, with Jeff Jaillet expressing gratitude for the efforts of law enforcement on the day of the incident and the ongoing support from the community. He commended the coordinated efforts of the Pittsburgh police in chasing down the perpetrator and the district attorney for putting together a compelling case. Additionally, he acknowledged the incredible support from family and friends that has helped them through this difficult time.

Burton now awaits sentencing on the conviction of second-degree murder, along with several other lesser charges. This verdict brings some closure to the Jaillet family, as they continue to grapple with the tragic loss of their son.